SHA Recognizes Section 3 Companies

Hope for US Housing, Inc. owned by Lamar Middleton and Shasha Wheat; and Jabez Construction Co. owned by Darren and Vinita Chevis are using their businesses as a platform to train and create employment opportunities for low and very low income residents within the community. 

Recently both companies won bids and were awarded contracts with the Syracuse Housing Authority to complete necessary construction projects at Pioneer Homes and Scattered Sites. Darren earned a BS Degree in Building Construction from Norfolk State University in 1992.  His wife Vinita, 41, who speaks fluently in French, Spanish and English, earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics from Georgetown University in 1994.  After many years of living away, the couple returned home to Syracuse in 2008 and started Jabez Construction.  In speaking with Darren, I learned that he and his wife wanted to share their education and skills to help effect change in the community in which they grew up.  Their plan is to help restore the community’s beauty by refurbishing the old homes and while in the process, create training and employment opportunities for low and very low income residents. 

Shasha and Lamar of Hope for Us Housing, Inc have a similar mission.  They have been successful in helping scores of Section 3 residents get training in the areas of lead encapsulation, OSHA safety and weatherization.  The Company mills, planes and makes tongue and groove joints on lumber acquired from deconstruction projects.  They were able to use refurbished materials taken from a previous de-construction project at the Lincoln Supply Building to rebuild two porches at 354-56 Kennedy Street.

These companies were recognized by SHA as Section 3 businesses because of their commitment to train and employ Section 3 residents.  If you are a public housing resident or a low/very-low income person, or if you have a business that is committed to hiring Section 3 residents, you may be qualified for preferential consideration in training, employment 

and or contracting opportunities.  For more information please visit SHA’s website at  You may also submit your resumes via email to the Section 3 Coordinator at rseigler@