Resident Support Services during COVID-19

Syracuse Housing Authority
COVID-19 – Coronavirus
Resident Support Services

We stand ready to help!

Dear Residents,

Being separated from family, friends and neighbors can take a toll on our
emotions. We understand that many people are feeling worried and stressed.

The Resident Support Services Team at Syracuse Housing Authority wants you to know that we understand the range of emotions that you may be experiencing.

Our staff are available to talk to you on the telephone if you have questions or just need a friendly person to talk to.

(315) 475-6181 Ext. 6

All calls are judgment-free and confidential.

Call us for:
• Questions about COVID-19/Coronavirus Public Health Information
• If you test positive for COVID-19
• If you have unmet needs for food, medication or health care.
• If you are feeling anxious or worried and just want someone to talk to.

Resident Health Advocates – Can provide peer telephone support. Call us if you or someone you know would like a daily check-in call. Call 315-470-4375 to get connected. Resident Health Advocates (RHA’s) are trained and supported by the Upstate Medical University in partnership with Syracuse Housing Authority’s Healthy Neighbors Partnership Program.