Rent and Other Charges:  Rent is due in advance on the first day of each month.   

Pay Online - Residents can now pay rent online!

Online Rent Instructions - English

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Check or Money Order:  Rent may be paid by check or money order (CASH is not acceptedin the following manner: 

By Mail  You may mail your check or money order to 516 Burt St, Syracuse NY 13202.  If you do not include the tear off portion of your rent statement with your payment, you must write your unit number or your address on your check or money order to have your account properly credited with your payment.  Your cancelled check or money order receipt will serve as your receipt for payment.   

Rent Collection Boxes - by depositing your check or money order in rent collection box in your Property Manager’s Office or at the Security entrance at 516 Burt Street.   

Monthly Rent Statement:  

Your monthly rent statement lists the amount of rent that you owe, plus any additional charges and / or fees that have been billed to your account.  If you have any questions about your statement, call your Property Management Office. Please have the statement and your account number in front of you when you call. This will enable us to respond promptly to your questions. You may want to keep your account number by your phone for quick reference.  If you are unable to pay your rent contact your Property Manager.  

Nonpayment of Rent

Failure to pay rent may result in eviction proceedings being started against you.  

Notice of Lease Termination (“14-Day Letter”):

If your rent is not paid by the first of the month, SHA will send you a letter giving you notice that the payment was not received.  SHA will also send you a Notice of Lease Termination (“ 14-Day Letter”).   This notice will be served by the City Marshal.   You have fourteen (14) days from the date of the notice to pay the total amount due as listed in the notice or your lease will be terminated for non payment of rent and SHA will begin eviction proceedings against you.  If a petition is filed in the Syracuse City Court for non payment of rent, you will be charged a petition fee in accordance with your lease.   

You have the right to reply to the Lease Termination Notice by doing ANY of the following:   

(a) Call your property manager to discuss the notice;   

(b) Review your tenant file:  You have the right to examine SHA documents directly relevant to the termination of your tenancy or possible eviction. 

You may come review your file at your property management office or at 516 Burt Street during the 14 days of the notice period.  You must schedule an appointment; 

(c) File a Grievance:  If you do not agree with the Notice of Lease Termination, you have the right to request an informal settlement of your dispute (grievance) in accordance with SHA’s grievance procedures. 

(d) Court Appearance:  If the non payment of rent is not resolved by options 1, 2 or 3 above, SHA may commence eviction proceedings to obtain possession of the unit back from you.   

SHA will file a petition for non payment with the Syracuse City Court that will request from the Court a final judgment awarding possession of the premises back to SHA; the issuance of a warrant to remove you from possession of the unit, and a money judgment for the delinquent rent that is owed by you to SHA.   

The petition will be served to you by the City Marshal and will state the date and time of your court appearance.  At this court appearance, you will have the opportunity to defend yourself and explain to the presiding judge your position.  If you are evicted from Public Housing with a balance owed you may not be able to obtain public housing again with the Syracuse Housing Authority or with another Housing Authority or a Section 8 voucher until the balance is paid in full.     

You have the right to be represented by an attorney.   

A notice to vacate which is required by State or local law may be combined with, or run concurrently with, a notice of lease termination.  When the SHA is required to afford you the opportunity for a hearing under the SHA grievance procedure for a grievance concerning lease termination (see 24 CFR § 966.51(a)(1)), your tenancy shall not terminate (even if any notice to vacate under State or local law has expired) until the time for you to request a grievance hearing has expired, and (if a hearing was timely requested by the tenant) the grievance process has been completed.