Resident Support Services

Call (315) 475-6181 Ext. 4

Resident Support Services is designed to assist SHA residents in finding and accessing services that foster positive outcomes in the areas of budgeting, lease compliance, job skills training, child and youth development programs, health and wellness, community building, and understanding government forms. 

RSS also assist residents with referrals regarding their health and well being.  

Call Resident Support Services for assistance with following issues: 


access to information

assistance in obtaining available resources

assistance in obtaining new ID or government records

access to mental health and other services


Access to mental health services

Access to health insurance

Finding a doctor or dentist

Managing chronic diseases or health conditions

Nutrition and cooking classes

Community gardens

Becoming more active


assistance obtaining benefits

obtaining ID or other records


Household budgeting

personal savings programs

*1st time HOME buyer programs

Credit repair


Understanding your lease

Housekeeping issues

Counseling or support to maintain successful tenancy

Conflict resolution

Grievance disputes


Computer training and access for jobseekers

ESL and High School Equivalency (GED)

College applications and scholarships

Job training programs, skilled trade job training

Finding a job, or a better job


Summer programs, swim lessons and camp scholarships

College scholarships

Computer access for children and youth


Participation in tenant organizations.

Resident leadership opportunities

Community organizing around safety and quality of life


ROSS Grant Provides Service Coordination to Families

SHA administers a HUD Resident Opportunity for Self Sufficiency (ROSS) grant. Two Service Coordinators offer housing counseling services, help residents access job skills training, employment opportunities and community support services. Service Coordinators participate in community building, health and wellness and youth educational and recreational activities throughout SHA’s family housing units. Service Coordinator offices are conveniently located within Resident Computer Labs.

** SHA was recently awarded a HUD ROSS Grant for James Geddes Family Units, Central Village, McKinney Manor, and Pioneer Homes.

Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency - Service Coordinators program (ROSS-SC), supports local, innovative strategies that link housing assistance with public and private resources to

  1. enable participating families to increase their earned income;
  2. reduce or eliminate the need for welfare assistance; and
  3. make progress toward achieving economic independence and housing self-sufficiency.

Through needs assessments, case management, and referrals to community and web-based services, Service Coordinators help each participant advance towards these goals in ways that best fit their needs, personal priorities, and interests.


ROSS-Service Coordinators

The purpose of the ROSS Service Coordinator program is to provide funding to hire and maintain Service Coordinators who will assess the needs of residents of conventional Public Housing or Indian housing and coordinate available resources in the community to meet those needs. This program works to promote the development of local strategies to coordinate the use of assistance under the Public Housing program with public and private resources, for supportive services and resident empowerment activities. These services should enable participating families to increase earned income, reduce or eliminate the need for welfare assistance, make progress toward achieving economic independence and housing self-sufficiency, or, in the case of elderly or disabled residents, help improve living conditions and enable residents to age-in-place.

FSS Grant Provides Assistance to Housing Choice Voucher Program


A Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Grant supports three Services Coordinators who provide similar services to families enrolled in the HCVP/Section 8. The FSS program sets aside a small portion of a tenants increasing rent share into an escrow account. Families who successfully complete their goal to become economically self sufficient within five years receive the balance of that escrow savings account. Many use it to pay off debts, purchase a car or even as a down payment on a home.

Scholarships and Academic Support for Low Income Residents
A number of scholarships are available for Public Housing or Housing Choice Voucher Program residents. Service Coordinators are proud to assist residents in their efforts to continue their education though scholarship applications or help navigating the complex financial aid and college application process. Find Scholarship opportunities HERE.


Services for Seniors and Disabled Citizens

Transportation & Social Opportunities
Weekly shuttles to the grocery store and farmers market help seniors access to fresh, nutritious foods. Social outings to local concerts, parks or community events provide opportunities for fellowship that builds social support networks.

Onondaga Office of Aging Support for Independent Living Activities
The Onondaga County Office of Aging & Long Term Care provides funding for education and social programs for Syracuse’s elderly and disabled residents. Activities include workshops on health and safety topics, financial management and independent living topics. Social activities like bingo, theater night or club activities including book and knitting clubs contribute to the mental and social well-being of our senior and disabled tenants, allowing them to remain living independently and age in place.

Relatives as Parents Program

The RAPP program provides support groups and respite activities for relatives, mainly grandparents, age 55 or older who are raising children that are not their own. SHA’s staff social worker leads this group, which provides individual and family support that can help nontraditional family units stay together. Its goal is to reduce the need for foster-care involvement. RAPP support groups and family outings are held on a monthly basis.



2020 Services and Programs


Program Name & Description (including location, if appropriate) Estimated Size Allocation Method Access (development office / PHA main office / other provider name) Eligibility (public housing or section 8 participants or both)
Elderly Services Program-social and educational opportunities 300 Drop in Various program spaces Public Housing
Elderly Services Coordination/Social Work Services 100 Referral or Walk in Elderly housing sites Public Housing
Boys and Girls Club after school program 150 Enroll Program Space-Van Buren Street Both
Computer labs 200 Drop in 10 program spaces throughout AMPs Public Housing
HCVP’s FSS program
Somali-Bantu Community Association Center-ESL, translation, tutoring, etc. 250 Drop in Program space on Burt Street Both
Citywide Service Coordinator Programs at Vinette, Fahey, and Ross 200 Enroll for Service or Drop in program opportunities Site-bases program office space Public Housing
SHA ROSS Service Coordinator Program at Pioneer, Central Village and McKinney Manor 200 Enroll for Service Coordination or Drop in program opportunities Site based program office space Public Housing
Healthy Neighbors Partnership Resident Health Advocates Health Outreach Programs
Partnership w/ Upstate Medical University
200 Both Enroll or drop in programs offered Various program space throughout housing sites Both
Summer Youth Programs, Various partnerships with City Parks & Rec, YMCA, church ministry groups. Program include summer recreation opportunities, swimming lessons, summer camp opportunities and a softball league. 150 Enroll Facilitated enrollment Various program sites Public Housing
Family Reunification Case Management Program  (transition from incarceration) 12 Enroll Site Based Public Housing
Eviction Prevention Program 150 Referral – at will Various program spaces Public Housing
Financial Empowerment Center Partnership with City of Syracuse 100 Enroll Main Office Both
Greater Syracuse Works & Urban Jobs Taskforce
Workforce Development Partnership
50 Enroll Main office/various community locations Both
Near Westside Initiative – Addresses quality of life and service provision for westside residents 100 Drop in Various community locations Both