Board of Commissioners

At the regularly held board meeting on November 19, 2019, there was a Swearing-in Ceremony of the newly appointed Board Commissioner Patricia McBride by the City of Syracuse, City Clerk Mr. John Copanas.

Pursuant to notice duly given and posted, the regular meeting was called to order at 12:02 P.M.
Elections for the Chairman and the Vice-Chair were conducted.  Christopher Montgomery was voted in as the Chairperson and Gladys Smith was voted in as Vice-Chairperson.


Name Position Term Expires
Christopher Montgomery Chair October 2022
Gladys J. Smith Vice-Chair June 2025
Jerlene Harper Commissioner October 2025
Luke Esposito Commissioner October 2023
Kate Holmes Commissioner October 2021
Walter Dixie Commissioner October 2025
Patricia McBride Commissioner October 2024


The Syracuse Housing Authority Board of Commissioners is comprised of a group of seven individuals. The Mayor appoints five board members, and the public housing residents elect two board members from the tenant population of all SHA developments. All members serve unpaid. Appointed members of the board serve for five years, while elected members serve for two years.



Generally, the Syracuse Housing Authority Board of Commissioners will meet every month on the third Thursday at 12:00 P.M. (a lunch meeting).  The meeting takes place at 516 Burt Street in the Conference Room.  The schedule for the Board meetings for 2021 is as follows:

January 1/21/2021 Third Thursday
February 2/18/2021 Third Thursday
March 3/18/2021 Third Thursday
April 4/15/2021 Third Thursday
May 5/20/2021 Third Thursday
June 6/24/2021 Fourth Thursday
July 7/15/2021 Third Thursday
August No Meeting No Meeting
September 9/23/2021 Fourth Thursday
October 10/21/2021 Third Thursday
November 11/18/2021 Third Thursday
December No Meeting No Meeting