COVID-19:  RSS staff stand ready to help!

Dear Residents, Being separated from family, friends and neighbors can take a toll on our emotions. We understand that many people are feeling worried and stressed.   The Resident Support Services Team at Syracuse Housing Authority wants you to know that we understand the range of emotions that you may be experiencing. Our staff are available to talk to you on the telephone if you have questions or just need a friendly person to talk to.  Call (315) 475-6181 Ext. 4 All calls are judgment-free and confidential.

Call us for:
• Questions about COVID-19/Coronavirus Public Health Information
• If you test positive for COVID-19
• If you have unmet needs for food, medication or health care.
• If you are feeling anxious or worried and just want someone to talk to.

Resident Health Advocates – Can provide peer telephone support. Call us if you or someone you know would like a daily check-in call. Call 315-470-4375 to get connected. Resident Health Advocates (RHA’s) are trained and supported by the Upstate Medical University in partnership with Syracuse Housing Authority’s Healthy Neighbors Partnership Program.


Resident Support Services are designed to assist SHA residents in finding and accessing services that foster positive outcomes in the areas of budgeting, lease compliance, job skills training, child and youth development programs, health and wellness, community building, and understanding government forms.  For more information on resident support services and the services that are offered please go to our Resident Support Services Page.



APPLICATIONS / WAIT LIST 315-475-6181 option 4
MAINTENANCE  315-475-6181 option 3
RENT or PAYMENT Questions tenant should call property manager or housing specialist see below
Rent Balance   INFORMATION LINE 315-475-6181 ext 4384
Missing Payments Accounting
Request for Repayment resident should call property manager or housing specialist
INFORMATION LINE: FOR Account Balances and Wait List Status  INFORMATION LINE 315-475-6181 ext 4384
Grievances / Complaints ask for Compliance  315-475-6181 option 7 OR 315-475-6181 ext 4210
Reasonable Accommodations ask for the 504 Coordinator 315-475-6181 ext 4332
Language Interpretation ask for LEP Coordinator 315-475-6181 ext 4332  or 4210 
SECURITY  315-475-6181 option 0 OR EXTENSION 4300
Section 8 315-475-6181 option 1 or 470-4404
Work Orders 315-470-4310


PIONEER HOMES Property Manager 315-295-1067
924 S. McBride Main Office # 315-473-6810
Hsg. Specialist 315-295-1065
Almus Olver Property Manager 315-478-1094
Central Village Main Office # 315-478-1671
McKinney Manor Hsg. Specialist 315-295-1072
300 Burt Hsg. Specialist 315-478-0347
Maintenance 315-295-1963
Toomey Abbott Towers Property Manager 315-428-0187
1207 Almond Main Office # 315-428-0180
Hsg. Specialist 315-428-0180
Maint. Supervisor 315-295-1095
James Geddes Elderly Property Manager 315-470-4421
312 Gifford 8th Flr Main Office # 315-470-4420
Hsg. Specialist 315-470-4420
Hsg. Specialist
James Geddes Family Property Manager 315-470-4428
312 Gifford 8th Flr Main Office # 315-470-4417
Hsg. Specialist 315-470-4417
Vinette Towers Property Manager 315-422-3846
Fahey Court Main Office # 315-422-0408
947 Pond Hsg. Specialist 315-422-4982
Benderson Heights Property Manager 315-470-4421
Scattered Sites Hsg. Specialist
312 Gifford 8th Flr
Ross Towers Property Manager 315-422-3846
710/712 Lodi 315-295-0904
Hsg. Specialist 315-422-4982
Freedom Commons Property Manager 315-470-4428
450 Burt St Housing Specialist 315-470-4261
Work Orders 315-295-1963
Eastwood Heights Property Manager 315-422-3846
Main Office # 315-428-0408
Eastwood Homes:  201 Beacon Property Manager 315-433-1327
Hsg. Specialist 315-428-0180
Leonard Bldgs.:  Property Manager
Hsg. Specialist 315-428-0180
Homes of Syracuse Property Manager
Hsg. Specialist 315-428-0180
Section 8:  312 Gifford 8th Flr Main Office # 315-470-4404





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