Only motorized vehicles, which are properly registered and insured in the Tenant’s name, in mechanical working order, and which prominently display the appropriate SHA parking permit, may park on SHA property.

To obtain a permit you must bring your driver’s license, current registration and proof of insurance to the Security Department at 516 Burt Street.

Parking Permit Policy: 

  1. The tenant must own the vehicle being registered for parking and prove ownership by providing SHA security with the vehicle registration and proof of insurance, in the Tenant’s name.
  2. Tenant must also have a valid NY driver's license and current insurance coverage. If your insurance lapses you must immediately return the parking permit to SHA security and you are prohibited from parking in SHA property.
  3. The vehicle must have a valid New York license plate affixed to the vehicle.
  4. The vehicle must be in operable condition.
  5. Tenants are responsible for advising security if their vehicle changes.
  6. Each household will be allowed to obtain one parking permit IF THERE IS SPACE AVAILABLE. A second permit may be allowed only if space permits.
  7. Vehicles may only be parked in the development designated by the permit. Any vehicle found in any SHA area other than the development it is assigned to, or without a properly displayed visitor’s pass, will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  8. Permits must returned to SHA security upon move out or transfer to another development.

Any variance or exception to this policy must be approved by your property manager and submitted to security.  You may obtain a parking variance form from security.

Towing Policy

SHA will have a vehicle TOWED at the OWNER’S EXPENSE if the vehicle:

  1. Does not have a valid parking permit for the property it is parked at;
  2. Is parked in violation of an SHA rule;
  3. Is parked in a designated “handicap” parking space without a handicap permit;
  4. Is parked on a sidewalk, lawn or in the “no parking” area near any dumpster;
  5. Is parked in a manner that blocks a fire lane or fire hydrants;
  6. Does not have a current license plate or is not registered;
  7. Is in a non-movable condition (i.e. up on blocks, or without fully inflated tires)


SHA vehicle towing policy is made necessary by severely limited available parking spaces. It is unfair to tenants who should be able to park as near as possible to their apartments for others to deprive them of their parking spaces by disregarding SHA parking regulations.  Owners of vehicles which have been towed may locate the vehicle by contacting the SHA Security Department at 1-315-475-6181 or the Syracuse Police Department.



All Tenants are responsible for communicating the parking lot rules to their guests and service-providers.  Visitors must get a visitor’s pass from security or their vehicle will be towed. Visitors to the high-rise apartments must park in the visitors parking area if one is designated, and sign in and out at the visitor’s book in the lobby of each building they visit. Visitors must include their vehicle license plate number when signing in. Residents from other developments visiting a high-rise apartment must follow the above procedure to the letter or face their vehicle towed at their own expense.

If your vehicle has been towed contact Fields Towing