Mayor Ben Walsh’s State of the City Address

On Thursday January 16, 2020, Mayor Ben Walsh delivered his 2020 State of the City address.  Walsh spoke about many of the Syracuse's recent accomplishments but stated that the city has to keep the momentum going by seizing the opportunity to tackle some of the most difficult problems.  The mayor spoke about his Syracuse Surge economic development initiative and plans to revitalize city neighborhoods.  The Syracuse Housing Authority has partnered with Blueprint 15 to transform the East Adams Street Neighborhood.  The vision for the neighborhood includes new mixed-income apartments that will be part of a broader mixed-income neighborhood that holistically addresses the needs of the residents across a spectrum of incomes by creating a highly amenitized neighborhood that includes excellent neighborhood schools, education and economic development opportunities for all ages, health and wellness programs, transportation access, recreational opportunities and commercial investment.

SHA was also mentioned by the Mayor regarding our partnership with the City to address housing instability and specifically SHA's eviction prevention program.

Mayor Ben Walsh stated, "We’re also making progress on reducing housing instability, which leads to families and children being upended by frequent moves. Our team at NBD developed an “early intervention” system in partnership with Syracuse Housing Authority and a privately owned complex where together, over a twelve-month period, 99 evictions were prevented and over $336,000 in eviction filings and lost rent were saved by property owners. Eviction petition filings were down 75% in 2018"

You can read the entire transcript of the address by clicking on the link below.